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Scarlet Hollow アーリーアクセスに関する文書を勝手に翻訳

アーリーアクセスに関する文書を勝手に翻訳 by投稿者 日付:2023年3月5日(日)


“Early access has been an extremely effective tool for releasing episodically and polishing the game as we go!”



“We plan to be in Early Access until the release of Episode 7, which we're currently hoping to release in 2024.”



“Scarlet Hollow is following an episodic release schedule. The Early Access version of the game will give our players access to new episodes as we finish them. The game will leave early access once Episode 7 (the final episode) is ready for release.”

「Scarlet Hollowはエピソード単位のリリーススケジュールを採用しています。この早期アクセス版ではプレイヤーは我々の開発が終わり次第、新しいエピソードをプレイすることができます。エピソード7(最終エピソード)のリリースが可能となったとき、このゲームの早期アクセスは終了します」


“Episodes 1 through 4 are all fully playable, and contain ~580,000 words of content.”



“Depending on how the scope of the project continues to grow, we may raise the final price of the game before the full release. If we wind up doing so, we will give players a heads up so that folks on the fence still have a chance to purchase Scarlet Hollow at its original Early Access price.”

「このプロジェクトの規模がどのように拡大するかに応じて、我々はこのゲームの最終価格を完全リリース前に値上げする可能性があります。その場合は、前もって皆さんにお伝えするので、Scarlet Hollowを元々の早期アクセス値段で買いたい人たちにもチャンスがあります」


“We read our Steam forums, Subreddit, discord, and twitter messages sent by our players and frequently use their feedback to improve our game. We also regularly survey our players and use their feedback to influence the shape of future releases.”