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F↑cking LDP!!! Go away d↑ck heads.

 Hey yo, people, it's me Pipopa speaking as usual. Today, tonight I'll try to write what I think about Japanese domestic politics, LDP things in English. Surely, as usual, I'll write casually randomly and there are no error corrections so much, well let's begin.

 Firstly why do they always win? I don't know well but in our country, there's no strong political party except LDP(Ji mi nn to) . They always win and no one care about other parties especially the Democratic party they should take the strong opponent part, but they fail after they lost their governmental position. Sad.


 So, there are no strong opponents so LDP rule Japan very very long term, almost since, around 2011 LDP lose its position but after the LDP rules Japan since then.

 Actually, it's very bad for us, Japanese people, LDP's politics what they have been doing is really nothing or worse our country and long term their dominance makes them numb about improving and corrupted.

 We need change and we don't need LDP anymore, please LDP go away!