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What's up; Pipopa bought Lightspeed Magazine.

 Hello, citizens! It's me Pipopa, today, this night, I'll just write words just randomly as before I did. Hehe, there's no correction about grammatical perspectives. Holo holo holo. 

 By the way, I've just read an article today, it's about magazines, English language magazines, the writer said he had bought and read a large number of foreign magazines in the past.

 Then I've just made up an idea, nowadays, we can buy so many foreign magazines via Amazon. So I wanted to buy a Sci-Fi magazine which is written in English.

 After some finding effort, I finally got some, here it is,,,

Lightspeed Magazine, June 2010 (English Edition) Kindle版

 This is Kindle book, English language Sci-Fi magazine.

 They are not quite long, it seems mainly to contain short stories.

I read the first novel of the book, and it was good, which is Vylar Kaftan 's one

↑ is oldest 1 vol. 2010, June

↓ is latest 147 vol. 2022, Aug.

Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 147 (August 2022) (English Edition) Kindle版

I wish this reading experience makes my life better through to improve English language ability.