Pipopa Organization

(ノ><)ノうぇるかむ・とぅー・ざ・Pipopa Organization!  読書が大好きな、英語学習者Pipopaによるブログ形式のウェブサイト。テキトウな雑記・日記やオススメ書籍の紹介、英語学習関連のポスト、PCゲーム記事などを掲載。あとたまにPC/IT関連、音楽系ポストもする予定♫ ヨロシク!

Random EnglishH 2nd

  Aye, hello citizen. It’s me Pipopa!

  Well, how could I start this talk, I mean this text message, eh.

  So, citizen, have you ever thought strong coke like drink, I mean, like a Monster is some kind of dope…dontya? I had taken one or twice these several days, and those make me a frisky, less sleeper type person. Hoh, so bad dork move I often do, sadly to say so.

  By the way, I haven’t been playing a game these days. I want to play a game always, and I have plenty of free time but I don’t play the games, why?? Actually, I don’t know well, I wonder if I’ll post-game photos again is some kind of fun thing for me and for one of my friends. But, I also wonder how about study things boi, be a good student, be a good worker, be a good citizen, man. Very typical kind of tendency thinking, ya I know, it’s right but too bad ‘nd made me fat.

  Anyway, I’m still struggling, but I think I’m enjoying my life, gladly to say. I hope everyone is good, me, you, us. Thanks.