Pipopa Organization

(ノ><)ノうぇるかむ・とぅー・ざ・Pipopa Organization!  読書が大好きな、英語学習者Pipopaによるブログ形式のウェブサイト。テキトウな雑記・日記やオススメ書籍の紹介、英語学習関連のポスト、PCゲーム記事などを掲載。あとたまにPC/IT関連、音楽系ポストもする予定♫ ヨロシク!

Every thing is me or you, every thing is you or me, thus we are we are

We are the being.
That's existing.
We are the same being.
We are the same man.
We are the same girl.
We all the same man kind.
We are the something of the god.

This is the reality, that is the possible.