Pipopa Organization

(ノ><)ノうぇるかむ・とぅー・ざ・Pipopa Organization!  読書が大好きな、英語学習者Pipopaによるブログ形式のウェブサイト。テキトウな雑記・日記やオススメ書籍の紹介、英語学習関連のポスト、PCゲーム記事などを掲載。あとたまにPC/IT関連、音楽系ポストもする予定♫ ヨロシク!

Every September; there were mistaken.

Every September,

We miss next October,

Every October,

We miss next November,

Every November,

We miss next December,

Every December, 

He's failing again and again.

His vain, huge vanilla made up by,

We all remember how he's mistaken.

How sad to say like.

Every single December, he regrets

his November.

Every single November, he regrets

his October,

Every single October, he regrets

his September,

Every single September, he regrets,

his lost of August's fame

Like an insane man.

Who's name is kind of a David.

Who's apprised by our linguists.

Shan't we sing a song like those way?

For the Dear Mr. Bears.

Who's got hours of ours.

Badly to sing I am, am I?


This text is written by Pipopa at 2020yy, R2yy.