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The meaning of October

   I never remember the meaning of December,

nor does October and September.

That She said so, as before.

   He's like a drunk, as always,

This Mr. Trump I mean.

That She said so, as before.

   We hear some said a nigger,

But, we never care, whatever,

We did hike with kike.

However, no one noticed,

It's okay, It's okay.

That is like that.

Kike never be painted.

That She said so, as before.

  Being younger too longer,

Are tiring for us,

That we thought so, as usual.

  We hadn't have any vision,

But there're televisions always,


`We have to do good efforts more and more`

`For our everyday future`

How annoy, who could killed them,

That we thought so, as that time.

   They adore a bore and a poor.

But, we've never adored a bore and poor,

What is avail for this tiring.

  She said so when she killing her time.

in the begging of October;

That she never knows a meaning.


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