Pipopa Organization

(ノ><)ノうぇるかむ・とぅー・ざ・Pipopa Organization!  読書が大好きな、英語学習者Pipopaによるブログ形式のウェブサイト。テキトウな雑記・日記やオススメ書籍の紹介、英語学習関連のポスト、PCゲーム記事などを掲載。あとたまにPC/IT関連、音楽系ポストもする予定♫ ヨロシク!

by his fury first operating: which All his siblings' regret

All his siblings' regret by his fury first operating

Every each Dave behave bad as here too often,

As he said once or twice,

`I'm a boy who's a everybody's toy`.

'I'm living a lucid dream but there's no Lucy who's huge mercy`.

`I'm in a fury, that because of they inserted me like that'.

Wise and dis-proudly usual way, he said like that.

`Make me polite`,

`Make me bright`,

`Never make me ignorant as like David`.

That he said, eagerly.

Who's got polite?

Who's got bright?

Who's ever been ignorant? as like him.

Once Emily told to him the truth of the dream,

He's got the reasons,


Why he dig,

Why he beg,

Why he love,

Why he love to the lady,

He really want to love her,

But not today,

All his hope is never lose her,

Once a upon a time,

Some told,

"Some possible future going to act like way"

Cheers, Dave who's never have a fame.

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