Pipopa Organization

(ノ><)ノうぇるかむ・とぅー・ざ・Pipopa Organization!  読書が大好きな、英語学習者Pipopaによるブログ形式のウェブサイト。テキトウな雑記・日記やオススメ書籍の紹介、英語学習関連のポスト、PCゲーム記事などを掲載。あとたまにPC/IT関連、音楽系ポストもする予定♫ ヨロシク!

Too soon to be...

Too glad to be a polite white that some yellow said.
However, banana only could be a black that frankly speaking.

Mr. Warship always makes like that rhyme for prove his sick, kind of.

Between their below and above there're huge amount of Cpt.s're looking their worship even they never belong their Navies.

It's just, who wanna say, sleep right last night that was delight some kind of.

Mr. Warship's prayed this night be to be sailing like same way of night, like tight kind of.

How bright und polite even he's huge banana.

His mom often said, 'Be as you are, plastic-positive person, to do make own self glad, proud like a vast pond that never dry, mean wetty man you son'.

This is it, but it was what? Any how, today's over, Mr. and Mrs. delight I'm proud, how proud am I.

From your Warship.